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About us


Cattery Eden Coonie is a family breeder of Maine Coon, the biggest cat in the world, located in Walloon Brabant (center of Belgium), in Clabecq.

We have always loved cats, since we were kids we have had them sharing our life. The first time we saw a Maine Coon, in a cat show, we just fell in love, like many others before us, and we are now completely crazy about them! Our dream became true in 2009 when we got our first Maine Coon, our boy Enzo, our big teddy bear. Than, the family became larger with the arrival of the girls and we began to think about breeding, why not?We are so happy to share our life with our Coonies and to see the babies growing !

 Our cattery is and will remain a family one, the cats are living with us in our home (not in cages, not in some places outsides far from sweet home) and are raised with our son and all the home noises. Home is organized for the happiness of our cats (play area, sofa, many many cat trees...), they also have opportunity to come outside in a safe closed run in the garden, but only under our eyes!

Our cats are vaccinated and HCM-SMA-PKDef-PKD-FIV/FeLV free. They are tested by DNA and screened regularly . We don't spare us any cost when it's regarding health of our Coonies.

We are not massive breeder, our girls will have a maximum of 1 nest per year (so that we can take care of our babies on the best way). We also limit the numbers of our adult cats home in order that everyone has the space and love they deserve. Anyway, we don't place our Coons when they don't breed anymore (unless special case), they are before everything our cats and we can't imagine to be separated from them.

My goal as breeder is to give as much as happiness and love I receive from my Coonies to the future family of my kittens.

We are very concerned about typical Maine Coon conservation, that's why we will select only perfect Coons for us (type, health, temper ....) Socialization and nice character of the kittens are also very important points for us. We want to breed big-size Maine Coons, with good type, being in perfect health and with a golden temperament. 



We are registrated under nr HK 20224326 (ex 20503438). That means we have a mandatory vet control home every 3 months, which guarantee you a sanitary close follow up .



We are member of the feline club FELIS BELGICA (FIFE).
Our cattery is registrated at WCF & FIFE.

Enjoy your visit on our website, and don't hesitate to let us a message in our guestbook!

Stéphanie, Cédric & Eden



  Tribute to Princesse, our "house cat"
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