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25.02.18 A new baby girl joined our cattery, coming from Norway: welcome Bambi!

13.12.17 New pictures of Mona, Marion, Legend and Mowgli

13.12.17 Yearly HCM screenings for Punta, Never, Knight, Lorelai, Mowgli, Marion, Mona, Legend

13.12.17 New Eden Coonies pictures: Nymphadora, Missandei, Meereen, Milo and Marlon

16.11.17 Unplanned litter out of Brooke and Mowgli is born

11.10.17 We have a new retired girl, our lady Cosmic Blue is now neutered. She offered us 4 beautiful litters so now she will happily enjoy her retirement home.

31.07.17 A new member joined our family, this time not a Coon, but our son Eden <3

19.07.17 Yearly HCM echo for Scarlett and Brooke

20.06.17 European Maine Coon Winner Show (DK) results online

25.04.17 An only girl is born from Heybrook & Franklyn
18.04.17 A new baby boy joined us, welcome Mowgli

25.03.17 Top and Franklyn are now neutered and will live their life has happy retired home

06.03.17 Fife North Sea Winner Show Kortrijk (BE) results online

21.12.16 After 10 working weeks I can announce I passed successfully Pawpeds G2

06.12.16 Kittens out of Punta & Legend are born!

13.11.16 Kittens out of Scarlett & Top are born! 

04.11.16 Yearly HCM echo for Never, Legend, Punta & Franklyn

18.10.16 New pictures of Legend, Knight and Lorelai

29.07.16 New pictures on almost each gallery, enjoy!

24.07.16 Kittens out of Blue & Top are born! 
06.06.16 Fife Show Ratingen (DE) results online

02.05.16 Fife Show Dinan (FR) results online

25.04.16 Fife Show North Sea Winner (Schiedam) results online

22.04.16 Yearly HCM echo for Scarlett and Brooke
18.04.16 Fife Show Paris Champerret (FR) results online

29.03.16 Fife Show Nieuwegein (NL) results online

21.03.16 Fife Show Porcheville (FR) results online

28.02.16 Our new generation Eden Coonie have their own page (Lorelai, Legend and Knight)
08.02.16 Fife Show Zoetermeer (NL) results online

04.02.16 Planned matings 2016 are online

01.02.16 New pictures on the pages of Never and Scarlett

31.01.16 RIP Enzo 

10.01.16 Fife Show Nieuw Vennep (NL) results online

25.11.15 Kittens out of Punta & Top are born! 

10.11.15 Kittens out of Heybrook & Franklyn are born!

09.11.15 Kittens out of Scarlett & Top are born!

05.11.15 A new baby female joined us, welcome Never

19.10.15 Results of Punta & Franklyn screenings are online.

Kittens out of Blue & Franklyn are born! 

04.08.15 DNA test results for Punta are online

21.04.15 Our female Cosmic Blue is officially WCF World Champion and will now stay home

21.04.15 New pictures of our offspring 2014

22.03.15 Our male Top is officially WCF World Champion and happy to stay home after his show carreer

17.03.15 New pictures in the "Home Sweet Home" gallery, enjoy our daily life with the Coons

01.02.15 A new baby girl joined us, welcome Punta

01.01.15 We wish you all the best for the new year 2015!

29.12.14 Photoshooting of our Coons by Mr Lebbink

29-30.11.14 Fife Show Zedelgem (BE) results online

25-26.10.14 Worldshow Prague

14.09.14 Fife Show Schiedam (NL) results online

03.07.14 Kittens out of Blue & Top are born!

04.05.14 Press release: Top at a cat show, in Mont sur Marchienne

08-09.02.14 Fife Show Untergruppenbach (DE) results online

16.11.13 We are participating to the "Cat Day" event at "Poils et Plumes" shop in Courcelles

26-27.10.13 Worldshow Aalborg

21.10.13 After 6 working weeks I can announce I passed successfully Pawpeds G1
22.08.13 A new baby female joined us, welcome Scarlett

02.08.13 Building of our outside cat run

03.01.13 A new baby male joined us, welcome Franklyn

Kittens out of Blue & Top are born!

30.09.12 Kittens out of Furbie & Top are born!


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