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Well, where to start ? =)


We have participated at FIFE SHOW WORLD 2014 Prague this year.

+ 1600 cats present , all previously qualified in their respective countries following FIFE criteria.

Our results :


Heybrook de l’Eden Coonie

Ex 1 (of 2) - CAGCIB

Very hard competition , many beautiful cats so it is already great to get the title ; )

Butterflydust Scarlett

Ex 1 (of 2) - CACIB

BIV TOTAL ( over all adults in the group 6 ... )

NOM ... ..

( I was already on a cloud , seeing the competition)

Sunday, on the podium with the 13 adult female nominated - Category 2 ( half long hair )

Suspense .... Votes ....

The presentator let go the cats who do not have a voice.

Remain 4 cats on the stage.

3 share the second place with 1 vote each ... ..

Our heart is pounding .

Scarlett won the title with 10 votes out of 13 ......................... MADNESS !!!

She won the highest FIFE title - the WORLD WINNER - the most beautiful female half long hair in the world ......

We could not believe it's just a dream.


The presentator tells us that this is the first cat WORLD WINNER in Belgium !!

It is also the only Maine Coon WW this year ... . ... Incredible .


We can only say thank you to all our supporters , thank you to our friends, thank you to the organizers, judges, stewards , thank you all !!!!

This is a moment that will be forever in our memories

But most of all thank you to Stephana , her breeder , who trusted me and gave me my baby .


We're still on a cloud ............ . !


Find some pictures below...

The video of the winning time of Scarlett here: (from 3:18 )

The official results of the WS here: