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A kitten is not a toy that you abandon once he's adult ! 

Before adopting, take time to read this: 

10 questions to ask yourself:

1) Are you ready to take care of your cat for about 15/20 years?

2) Will you tolerate the inevitable cat hair on the carpet or sofa, or claw marks on wallpaper or furniture?

3) Will you get angry if your cat vomits on the carpet, if he scatters the litter, if it's dirty around his bowl?

4) Can you accept that cats do not let themselves be trained like dogs?

5) If your cat lives in an apartment, are you willing to give him plenty of entertainment and occupation to compensate the impossibility of going outside?

6) Do you have other pets with whom the cat may get difficult along ?

7) What will you do with your cat during the holidays?

8) Have you talked with your family?

9) Is one member of your family (or yourself) allergic to cat hair?

10) Are you aware of the charges necessary for the welfare of the cat?

- Good quality food, adapted to the cat

- Annual vaccination

- Mandatory identification

- Spay / neuter costs

- Treatment against fleas/worms several times a year

- Visits to the vet at the slightest unusual symptoms

- Cat trees, toys ...  


Adopt a cat should be a thoughtful act. A cat is not something that we throw away after a few months because he grew up. A cat is not a toy for the child. A cat needs the love of his family. He needs the family to respect him for what it is and not what the family wants it to be.  Be a good family, you will have good cats and live together in perfect harmony.