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Sales Conditions


We love our cats, we want the same for our kittens, they are not objects but living beings.

You must well think before adopting a pet. The kitten will not be given away if he doesn't fit the family anymore, for any reasons. Please read the "Adopting" page, if not yet done.

The price of a kitten may look expensive but it's the result of our work, our love and our professionalism. Producing kittens of good quality and in good health  has a very high cost for the serious breeder.

 In Belgium, any sold kitten (whatever from a cattery or a person) must be sold together with a guarantee certificate prepared by the "Federal Public Service -Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment". This guarantees that the kitten is in perfect health and protects you in case he would die from an infectious disease.


A sales contract will also be prepared according to the kitten status - if he will leave as pet or for breeding / show.

Our kittens leave home round 3 months 1/2 neutered. They will have been vaccinated for 1 year (primary immunization at 2 months and vaccination at 3 months), will be dewormed several times and have a microchip. If the kitten goes outside Belgium, we will make the mandatory additional vaccines, according to local legislation, (ex: rabbies) with a corresponding additional cost for you. Kitten will than leave 21 days later.

They leave with their little bundle containing their FIFe pedigree (proving their affiliation to Maine Coon breed), their European health card and a Royal Canin kitten kit (food and toys). Kittens that will go for breeding will also get copies of the parents tests (FIV / FeLV, HCM1, HCM3, PKD, SMA, PKDef). These tests are of course available for those who wish to acquire a kitten as pet!

Status of the kitten:

- Pet : The kitten will be neutered before leaving. The babies will leave round 3 months 1/2 . The price for the kitten as pet includes the cost of sterilization.

I remind that a kitten who is sold (or even given) in Belgium as of 01/09/14 MUST be neutered before leaving the cattery.

- Kitten for breeding purpose: We are the only one to decide which kitten can leave for breeding and of course we have contracts to respect too. In some cases it will be possible that one of our kittens goes for breeding, but only to registrated catteries!  This will be subject to conditions/restrictions - you can contact us for more details.


Pet - 1.450€ (as of 2023)
Breeding - upon request

When booking a kitten, a deposit (450€) will be required. It will not be refunded in case of withdrawal. Reservations are not possible without at least one visit from you to us.

We also ask you to give us news of our kitten from time to time.


We reserve us the right to refuse a sale if we think that the welfare of the kitten is not satisfying.


If you want more information about our cats and our kittens, we would be happy to assist you. (Visit the page "Contact Us")   



We don't offer stud service and we sell kittens for breeding purpose only to breeders.

We are not answering the price enquiries, we ask you at least to introduce you and clearly mention what you are looking for: a male or a female, as pet or for breeding, do you have other cats (Maine Coons or not)?, ....