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Color: brown tabby blotched classic

Born: 21/01/2009

Weight: 12.5 kg


Enzo, our first Maine Coon, the one which gave us the idea to create our cattery! He's our teddy bear, always there for some hugs, it's just a big lovely boy ! We always say that Enzo is a dog in his head . He's just following us everytime, a true "glue", using his kind little voice to claim and ask for our attention. None of my Coons is as friendly as he is with the visitors.

He's also the first to make some foolishness, with his best friend Furbie. Those 2 are inseparable.

Thanks to Suzanne (Tribu de Nala) for making my dream come true and giving me the "Coons" virus 

RIP ENZO 21.01.09-31.01.16
Rest in Peace my teddy bear.. my love.. my first coon... No words can describe the pain we have, we miss you so much....


       HCM/PKD: his parents are both negative

Fiv/Felv: negative (20/06/12)

HD: clean (18/05/13)




Enzo de la Tribu de Nala, M, MCO n 22, 2009-01-21, BE/-, Complete inbreeding = 15,6%
Battle Creek X' Shadow, MCO n 22
X-Man of Koi Pond, MCO n 09 22, 2006-07-26
EC Jerry of Koi Pond, MCO n 09 22, 2000-07-24, DE/DE
CH Ice Girl of Koi Pond, MCO n 22, DE/DE
Moulin'Crecy Africa Queen, MCO n 09, 2005-12-24, -/DE
Sarajen V.I.P. of Moulin'Crecy, MCO ns 09, 2004-07-12, US/FR
Moulin'Crecy Vulcana, MCO f 09 22, FR/FR
Banshee de la Tribu de Nala, 2006-09-17
CH Vlady de la Pigeonnelle, MCO n 09, 2004-12-23, BE/CH
IC Masaïtana Ouragan, MCO n 09 21, 1998-08-08, FR/BE
GIC Urielle de la Pigeonnelle, MCO n 22, 2003-01-14, BE/BE
Aggripine Pierre d'O of Eagle Lake, MCO g 09 22, 2005-06-24, BE/BE
Big Boy v. Seinsche Hof, MCO d 09 22, 2003-02-13, DE/-
Upaline Pierre d'O of Eagle Lake, MCO f, 2003-07-17, BE/BE



Shadow of Battle Creek
Banshee de la Tribu De Nala

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