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Color: black tortie (f)

Born: 08/12/2011

Origin: Belgium

Weight: 5.100 kg (1 year 1/2)

Our new princess, Esmay, and her warm colors! She's coming from the same family cattery as Cosmic Blue, Katjan Dream Corner, ...we just loved her at first sight  - her face marking was just amazing  ! Esmay comes from another wonderful Christoma's line (from daddy Everlast) and inherits the colors of her mum.

Esmay arrived home on March, 16th.  She has a gold character, she's very sweet and always claims for hugs!

Esmay is our "glue", no way to sit on the sofa without having her on us in the second! We love her!

Bedankt nog een keer aan Kate & Jan, jullie meisjes zijn de mooieste!



News may 2014: Our Esmay developped a benine tumor, unfortunately badly placed so impossible to remove. For now she has no symptom at all, nothing is visible, it doesn't impact on her daily life. But, she must avoid every stress, so she will never be a mum. A sterilisation surgery would be too stressful for her so she will stay under suprelorin chip on a permanent way. Esmay follow up is made by the best specialist in this field and we hope from all our heart that our girl will live long and happy with us ...

RIP Esmay 08.12.11-02.11.19
Rest in Peace my daughter, my Esmayken... We miss you so much.


Test Date Result
HCM1 - ADN 18/06/12 negative
HCM - echo    
PKD - ADN 18/06/12 negative
PKD - echo 02/04/13  negative
Fiv/Felv 18/06/12 negative



Esmay of Katjan's Dream Corner, F, MCO f, 2011-12-08, BE/BE, Complete inbreeding = 14,6%
Christoma Everlast, MCO, 2009-12-04
Christoma Kiano, MCO n, 2008-02-04
Alwaro Armageddon, MCO e 22, 2005-09-27, DE/AT
Honey HIll Tender Love & Care, MCO f 23, 2005-12-22, DK/AT
Faricoon Fabienne, MCO f, 2006-02-03, PL/AT
IC Arctic Coon Red Hot Chili Pepper, MCO d 22, NO/PL
Arctic Coon Hotlips, MCO f, 2004-02-16
Emina de la Caverne Des Lynx, MCO f 22
Babo Gati'O, MCO d 21, 2006-10-12, NL/BE
Amir Kassy Poet, MCO n, NL/NL
Babs Simain, MCO f 22, NL/NL
D'Ayla à la Grotte des Coons, MCO n 22
Brigand d'Océan's Coons, MCO n 09 22, 2006-12-01, BE/BE
Bonnie de la Vallée des Rois, MCO n 22, 2006-07-21, BE/BE



Christomas Everlast
Emina de la Caverne des Lynx

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