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Color: black tortie (f)

Born: 01/09/2014

Origin: Germany




Punta... my dream baby girl! I waited for years for a Tiffany's daughter and I'm so happy I could get Punta. She has a type we LOVE, amazing temper and beautiful expression.
We would never say enough thank you to Stephana. We are so happy with her.
Punta, she looks like an angel but she is a real devil. She has a true tortie temper, hyper active, always doing something, absolutely no fear and the word "no" doesn't mean anything to her. But she is above all a super baby, always asking for hugs and very very very close to us. We LOVE her! 


Tests DNA : Result
HCM, PKDef, SMA negative

10/2015: Negative
11/2016: Negative
11/2017: Negative
12/2019: Negative

PKD Negative
Other tests:  
Fiv/Felv test (blood) negative


Feldcundigon Punta Arabi, F, MCO f , 2014-09-01, DE/DE, Complete inbreeding = 16,0%
Langstteich N'Xalvador, MCO d 09, 2008-09-09, DE/DE
Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra, MCO as, 2005-05-15, DE/DE
Langstteich C.C. O'Predicat, MCO a, 2003-07-03, DE/DE
H.T.Exclusiv Atlantica, MCO gs, 2001-06-03, DE/DE
Xena of Shaggy Coons, MCO d 09 23
Langstteich Ferrari Junior, MCO d 09 23, 2005-06-17, DE/LU
Cooncatz Coco, MCO fs 22, 2004-01-08, DK/LU
Pillowtalk Tiffany, MCO n 22, 2009-04-26, DE/DE
CoolMotion Angel-Sky, MCO n, 2007-07-31
Pillowtalk Xtra Energie, MCO n 22, 2006-05-12
Timberhills Chelsea, MCO f, 2004-07-09
Pillowtalk United Colour, MCO f 22, 2005-11-24, DE/DE
Cool Motion Chipsy, MCO n 09, 2004-06-04, DE/DE
Pillowtalk Velvet, MCO g 22, 2003-02-12, DE/DE



Langstteichs N'Xalvador
Pillowtalk Tiffany

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