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Color: red tabby & white (d 09 22)

Born: 10/09/12

Origin: Poland



No stud service

We are very proud to introduce our second stud, coming from Poland, Alwaro Franklyn.

Because of our decision to keep 2 females from our 2 first litters, we had to look after a new male for those 2 princesses (Helena & Heybrook). We wanted a red male, with very different bloodlines than the ones we have. By chance, we found Franklyn, and we just felt in love at the first sight, like for Top!

Franklyn is coming from a Polish bloodline from her mum (with many World Champions behind) and from a Canadian/English bloodline from his father.

Franklyn has already very good characterics for his young age, we love his eyes, his very very long coat, his big and well placed ears, and for sure his temper....

We are impatient to see his further development


Many thanks to Katarzyna for trusting us and to help us realise our red dream :)


Tests DNA : Result
HCM 10/2014: Negative
10/2015: Negative
11/2016: Negative
PKD Negative
Other tests:  
Fiv/Felv test (blood) Negative


Alwaro Franklyn, M, MCO d 09 22, 2012-09-10, PL/BE, Complete inbreeding = 14,4%
Dotcom Lachlan Lad, MCO n 09 22, 2008-04-29, UK/PL
CH Lacocoon Hey Jude, MCO n 09 22, 2003-07-08, CA/UK
NW-MGC Lacocoon Sgt Pepper, MCO n 22, 1998-10-01, CA/CA
Puddleduck Honey Don't of Lacocoon, MCO ns 09 22, 2001-11-05, CA/CA
Dotcom Melinda, MCO n 09 22, 2003-10-04, UK/-
Angmars Warlock, MCO ns 09, 2000-05-03, DE/UK
Dotcom Emina Minx, MCO gs 22, 2002-08-17, UK/UK
Alwaro Punta Arenas, MCO f 22
IC Wytopitlock H'Bono Madox, MCO n 09 22, 2002-06-17, DK/PL
WW01 Milinocket Bon Jovi, MCO a 09 22, 2000-09-26, DK/DK
GIC Karisma Exiting Xenia, MCO n 22, 1999-06-30, DK/DK
Top Coon Jeta, MCO f 23, 2007-03-21
IC Ares Querer, MCO d 23, 2005-08-28, PL/PL
GIC Alwaro Wiktoria, MCO f 22, PL/PL




Dad: Dotcom Lachlan Lad
Mum: Alwaro Punta Arenas

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