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Color: blue cream tortie & white (g 09)

Born: 03/03/2010

Origin: Belgium

Weight: 6.500 kg (2 years)


Furbie is our first Queen. We like her colours, her little "white socks" and her angel face .  Her character: she's very sweet with us but she doesn't like the strangers, she's always going to hide when we have some visitors. She likes to play, she's very proud of her, you should see when she's walking around (she's a Miss and she knows it ) and she's also very gourmand.

Merci à Nathalie (Chatterie de la Bonne Etoile Valley) pour sa confiance et sa gentillesse.




News: Furbie has been neutered 07/06/14, she will now take her "retirement" with the function of "sofa queen" home.  She gave us beautiful kittens, but now the stress of heats is no longer for her. We took the right decision, the well being of our cats will always be first!

RIP Furbie 03.03.2010 - 25.01.2020

Test Date Result
HCM1 - ADN 16/02/11 negative
HCM - echo





PKD - ADN 16/02/11 negative
PKD - echo 13/03/12 negative
Fiv/Felv 20/06/12 negative




Furbie de Bonne Etoile Valley, F, MCO g, BE/-, Complete inbreeding = 11,5%
Cupidon des Mines d'Argent, MCO d 09 22, 2007-08-22, FR/-
CH Akumai des Mines d'Argent, MCO ds 23, FR/FR
Vigan de la Vigne Rousse, MCO n 23, FR/FR
CH Princess Carine v. Lahntal, MCO fs 22, DE/FR
IC Timaracoon Dolce-Vita, MCO f 09 22, NL/FR
Langstteich Don Juan of Timaracoon, MCO n 22, 2003-03-27, DE/NL
American Beauty Devotion, MCO f 09 22, 2002-01-10, DE/NL
Camerone de la Vallée des Nobles, MCO a 09 21, BE/BE
CH Silver Star Backan, MCO a 09 23, FR/BE
Ugly des Collines Noires, MCO a 09 23, FR/FR
Usambara Violet of Noah's Ark, MCO a 09 22, DE/FR
Bisance de la Vallée des Nobles, MCO n 23, BE/BE
Shanna Ricardo, MCO ds 09 22, 2004-01-07, NL/NL
Shanna Sharonna Ista, MCO fs, 2003-12-22, NL/BE




Cupidon des Mines d’Argent
Camerone de la Vallée des Nobles

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