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Marion Cotillard d'Eden Coonie 


Colour: black silver tortie tabby & white
(f s 22 03)

Born 13/11/2016

Origin: Own breed



The only daughter of our Scarlett... It was not planned at all that she would stay but she made her place in our heart. Marion has really a male size (3.2 kg at 4 months!)  She is very long and have super high legs, and a pretty silver. She feels at ease everywhere and is not afraid of anything!

We are looking forward seeing her evolution!


DNA tests : Result
HCM, PKDef, SMA negative

12/2017: negative

PKD negative
Other tests:  
Fiv/Felv test (blood) negative


Like a Legend d'Eden Coonie, BE/BE
Mainefield's ZZ Top La Grange

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Mainefield's ZZ Top La Grange
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